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Updated 29 August 2015

Yesterday or when they were young....

Mark Ballamy has added "CLUB PHOTO ALBUMS & PRESS CUTTINGS"  18-03-15


Do you recognise these members? even more added 30-05-13


Do you remember the Centenary Dinner in 1989?

Press Cuttings from 1914-15 have been added

Do you remember the G9 the G10 etc ? Think you could find them now? Download this PDF (10mg) of London South District Courses. Thanks to Brian Saxton for this.

1948 Olympics

Alan Jackson's Olympic medal report 7 December 1956 another added

Who won the 1959 Castlenau medium gear event?

Who made the news in March 1960?

Who was 4th in 1961 London St. Christopher's Catholic C.C. "25"?

Some results that were in Cycling during 1961-66

Our 75th Anniversary 25 September 1964

Cycling's obituary to 'Chip' 24 January 1981

Links with the Past - Coming of Age Dinner and Club History, 4 December 1909

Just a few of our Trophies - 14-01-87 Prize Presentation

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