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From CYCLING March 2 1985 under It was news then….


From CYCLING, March 2, 1960

WITH just one day left in February. Charlotteville CC's T. McGavin became the first man in 1960 to beat one hour for a "25", and in the process became the first man ever to beat 25mph, so early in the year. That staggeringly fast 59-48 opening to the season gave McGavin a clear 14-sccond victory in the St Christopher's CCC "25" on the London South DC G9 course.

Second was McGavin's clubmate E. Stone in 1-0-2, helping the Charlotteville to team victory in 3-2-49. B. Betts being the third counter in 1-2-59.

But what a race it was! Conditions were perfect for the time of year ~ warm and dry. with just a rising south-westerly wind for the later starters and of the 116 entries 108 answered timekeeper G. P. Deane's call. Few riders wore gloves or leg warmers.

At the 12 1/2 mile turn J. Wheeler led the field with 31min I5sec. - 5sec up on M.

Dansie. with scratchman J. Kavanagh and McGavin equal third in 31-29. Sixteen men turned inside 33 minutes, and also well up were J. Goeghegan, 31-35, his De Laune c1ubmale M. Peel. 31-38, J. Froud, 31-42. ultimate second Soane down in eighth place in 31-44, and the only other man inside 32 minutes D. Bonner. Then. on the slightly shorter run back to the finish, came the fireworks. McGavin pounding a fixed gear estimated al 83in. rocketed back. climbed to the top. and finished with a time only 1 m 35sec slower than his previous best at the distance, which he recorded in the Bournemouth Jubilee event in July last year. Not unnaturally, he said afterwards he thought the morning was ideal.

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