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Updated 29 August 2015

Yesterday or when they were young.... Historic Photos


Dick Ansell, a member of the club some 50+ years ago.

Dick reaches his 80th birthday in June 2013, Happy Birthday!

Hi, I am old member and this photo is from about 1965 I think. Taken at Crystal Palace on the start of a school boys/junior race, there are quite a few De Laune at the start out numbering other club riders. I can name quite a few of the riders: ie myself Richard Gates, Richard Taylor, Mick Jones, Mick Valentine, Dennis Sweeney - Ken Hill was just in the picture to the right.


Richard Gates

 PS my years in the club were good and getting out into the country was a pleasure from living in London.

Three from Mark Ballamy

Chip & his mate the Duke...

Chip advising the PM, Edward Heath...

A picture of me and the guy's way back then. Peter Must - Steve White - Steve Valentine - Frank Vella. Charlie Carlton banded us together and looked after us throughout the Qualifying. Proud moment which was not repeated, which was a great shame. Tony James helped with the training also. Steve Valentine

National Leicester. Team Pursuit 1975

Grand Prix of London Roller competition 198?
Gary Birch, Andy & Sue Lyle, Pete Harris, Mike Rice, Andy Castle?, Rob Jefferies

Len has been up-in-the-loft again...

Isle of Man 1952

At the Annual Dinner you will see two Thomas' and LRD. Note the King's crown on the blazer (and HM Forces haircut) Command Colours, RAF Track Championships Herne Hill 1952.

Isle of Man 1953

More from the Presidential Archives...

Titch, Derek, Maureen, Stax, Roy Chit, Marion, Dot, Brian, ?, Max, Mick, Ken
But what year and location?

Taken Isle of Wight Easter 1968 - The reason for its inclusion is to show Jayne we all wore those socks.

L-R Tich, Jack, Geoff Castle, Bob Jenner, Graham Young & Me. The Tandem on the right was ridden by Chris Chalet and myself, both tyres exploded going down hill into Ryde on the return home. The brake blocks ripped out and the bloody thing more or less fell apart, got home by train and quickly flogged it to Saxons? (not Russ) at Battersea Rise for a couple of quid...

Alex Bedford leads me in a two-up, don't remember where exactly think it was on the Worthing Road

Chris Chalet and Me on the Club Tandem in the Archer RC 50 11th June 1967 - Time 2.05.51

The other pairing that morning was Mick Valentine and Graham Crocombe
they did a 2.04 24. and we took 1st Team

They just keep coming - these from Mark Ballamy

Monty Watkins, still going and living in NSW, Australia

Another one from late 40's early 50's - Left to right Arthur (Iggy) Hill, Ken Whiterod, Les Pyne, ?, ?
Ken is still alive and I had a chat with Paula, his wife, a few months ago. Mark

John Darroch, Bert Wason, Alan Jackson   -   Bert Collins    -   Alan Jackson & Ricky Hansen

Taken at Theale after a Bath Road Event
Chip Chippendale, Ricky Hansen, Alex Bedford, Tony Peachey, Johnny Barber, Charlie Carlton, Mark Ballamy, George & Eddie Starsmeare, Frank Wynne, George Wood, Jack Young.
Front - Peter Gunnell, Pete Martin, Roy Banham, Tom Bray.

At H H - at back Dave Griffiths, on the left, Eddie Starsmeare - ? - Derek Boon, Jeff Sinnett, Dick Ansell, Alan Jackson. John Darroch, Dennis Nation

Alan Jackson  & Derek Boon   -   Mrs De Laune presenting Frank Wynne with a painting of himself painted by Johnny Barber

Johnny Barber - Harry Thomas - Charlie Carlton (this was Charlie's Christmas Card)

Newnham 1952

Newnham 1952

Let see how many names the members can come up with.
Club Dinner, I think 1953 at the Paviors Arms

Some more from your President, Malc Adams.

Graham Crocombe at top he is holding his shoe as the suction of the mud pulled it off, it took some finding. The other two of Graham and Chris Chalet. So Geoghegan looked messy, you should have seen us lot!

These 2 are long over due as they are the pictorial evidence pertaining to Jack Youngs report in DLN and published in the Century Awheel pages 166-168.

Top Pic. L-R Geoff Margetts, Alf Clinch, Bob Jenner, Jack Young

Bottom against tree Alf Clinch (hidden) Mick Jones, Dennis Sweeney & Dick Gates. Terry Clifford (safely back on the bank) Jack Young can just be seen down by the bridge.

Leaves Green Elevenses - L-R Bruce Gilmore, Charlie Butler,Graham Young, Malcolm Adams, Reg Dawkins, Alf Clinch, Bill Miles, Tony Wood, Bob Jenner, Tim Hookins & Jack Zarfas

The Wheatsheaf Gardens Ide Hill - Sitting L-R Charlie Butler,Malcolm Adams, Bruce Gilmore,Tony Wood, Jack Young, Bill Miles, Graham Young, Jack Zarfas & Reg Dawkins. Standing L-R Alf Clinch, Tim Hookins & Bob Jenner.

Max Dods, Joan Hughes, Linda Adams, Barbara & Brian Waller, Mary Dods, Malc Adams
Club Dinner 1974

Malc & Linda at the Club Dinner 1975

Derek Duchemin ex De Laune circ mid 50's (now Ashford Whls and secretary and reluctant editor of the Kent Vets)  outside our old cabin at Herne Hill.

Seated from left: Derek "Geordie" Brook, Dave Watts, Len Danby, Charlie Carlton, Jack Young, Harold Edmonds
Standing Alec Bedford, Malcolm Fox, Harry Thomas


Top - ?, Alec Bedford, Ken Hill, Harry Thomas, Jack Young.
Seated: Len Danby, Charlie Carlton, Geordie, Harold Edmunds

Far Left - Don White, 2nd in from right Bert Collins?

Mike Valentine at Crystal Palace

Malc Adams

John Kav in Redhill Lane after climbing Agony Hill, Alf Clinch is to the right and Roy boy to the left

John Geoghegan - Club Cyclo-Cross 1960

Bert Collins

Richard McFarlane leads Jeff Valentine - 1973

John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh - Club 25 in 1958

Eddie Starsmeare, runner up in Club Hill Climb 1956

Malc Adams Southborough 10 - 27 July 1994

Dave Haggart SPOCO 10 August 1994

Roy Savery in his CCI shorts...

A few from Mike Peel ex Ken Hill

Mike with Val, Mark & Andrew at the opening of the Clubhouse 6 October 1973

Val & Mike Peel with John & Marion Dods, 1967 Annual Dinner, Cobb's Restaurant.
And below - always liked a drink...

Prize presentation at the 1973 Club Dinner, Surrey Tavern - Belle Vue 5m Cyclist cross-country race also 1973

Another from Len Danby

E N Chipendale (with bald head) - Seated includes 'Paddy' Kelly' late of the Royal Navy (if I remember correctly, drowned during his last few days as a National Serviceman) and other members you will recall. Danby is top right. Note 'eating with mouth closed', such manners and behaviour unknown by many in 2010!

Back row from left 'Binda', Chip, Colin, LRD
Seated: (from left) Ken, 'Paddy' Kelly, Tom (Williamson?), and 'Pile up'
(he was just known by that name!) - Youngsters!





Alan Jackson - Tony Alston, 34th Nomads, sent this photo in which was taken by Tom Smith one of their old members.

A few photos from Steve Valentine

Club Night St Faiths Hall Red Post Hill West Dulwich
Jeff Castle, Dave King, Steve Valentine, Richard Portanier, Brian (Tich) Shambrook, Bert Collins

Charlie, Richard McFarland, Dave King, Tony Peachey

Steve Valentine Club Dinner Novice 25 1972 ?? Ken Fletcher, venue OVAL

Herne Hill 1970/71

Steve Valentine Bouquet presentation 1969/1970

Steve Valentine Hill Climb Titsey Hill
Brother of Steve Casserley, far left

Club Night ST Faiths Hall.
Jeff Valentine, Tony James, Len Double, Graham Ford (34 Nomads) Francis Rudd, Steve Valentine (on shoulder's), Mick Valentine, Richard McFarland

ANTWERP SIX - Steve Casserley, Steve Valentine, Jeremy White, Peter Must, Steve White & left front Ronald White

Steve Valentine Herne Hill 1970/71

Marion, Len Double, Steve & Jeff Valentine, Dave Tomlinson, Charlie, Simon ?, Dave King, Paul Jeffries

One from Cliff Pendleton

Apart from Phil French there seem few photos from this era, so this is John Double and Clif Pendleton in a Crystal Palace race probably in 1965 ; the guy in the sunglasses behind us joined the De Laune a year later I think, but his name escapes me.

A couple more from Len Danby

1951 you see Ken Fuller, our great hill climber leading LRD. We stayed the night at RAF Ventnor, our
King paid for the bed and food!

The Isle of Man. The ladies really looked a great deal finer than in 2008!!!!!!!!!! We see, just a few, top Ken Fuller, Derek Boon, LRD hair top lip, Alan Jackson, Dot Fuller, Maureen Jackson, Harry Thomas, Ken Knapman and more I cannot recall names.

Having seen the reference to roller racing on back of last DLN, brought back memories, I was runner up in the London Associations Cycle Roller Championship Junior 29-12-1949.

I attach a picture from another event (I won that one) I'm on the right.


Bert Wason

A couple from Len Danby

Len (on right) relaxing, again.... Charlie Charlton and John Pamflit (right)?

I am due the cost of the 'coke' in 1952. Any idea of whom the name of my helper is, or where I can find him? My settlement is due, I must pay the sum before my finality!

A few more from Bert Wason...

As mentioned a few weeks ago I'm attaching some old photographs from the 50s, the Team Pursuit was me, Johnny Wooldridge, Don White and I think Doug or Mike Stafford. I like the one of my dear old friend Ken Hill with the American sprinter Jackie Heid. The club dinner must have been about 1953, you can just make out Ken Fuller and Dot standing at the back. The dinner picture was taken with a 'proper' camera the photographer removed the lens cap and told us to remain still for about 30secs.

Wishing all De Laune members a very Happy Christmas

Kind regards

Bert Wason

These three photos from Alan Constable - taken in 1960

Alan Constable, Bill Smith and Martin Ferris in the front and two other unidentifiable riders behind.

(left to right) Alan Constable, Martin Ferris, Roy Chittleborough, Bert Collins and Bill Smith

This was taken in La Ciotat (not far from Marseille in France).  About seven De Laune members went on a cycling holiday in France and after taking an overnight train from Paris to Avignon we reached the Mediterranean coast at La Ciotat.

While we were there, we agreed to help haul one the localís boats out of the harbour.  On the left side of the boat, you can just make out Mick Jenner, Bill Smith, John Preston and Alan Constable.  Alan Rowe is on the other side.

Len Danby - In the interest of history the De Laune member has his tubular wrapped in the 'Daily Chronicle'.

Derek Morse, Alan Jackson, Ken Knapman and Len Danby on the Island! Isle of Man 1951

1953 Southwark coronation Pageant. L to R: Alan Jackson, Barbara Ballamy, Charlie Carlton, Mark Ballamy, John Barber, Harold Edmonds, Harry Thomas, Tony Peachey

I've attached a photo of my Dad, Ron Itter in action at Herne Hill, not sure of the date or the other riders. I think I may have some more but unfortunately the bulk of similar photos were chucked in a skip by accident by Mum in a clear out. If I find any more then I'll pass them on.

I also have some of his medals from when he was a Judge or similar at Commonwealth games etc but these are family heirlooms so will be kept for the moment but not sure of in the future. Best Wishes, Martin Itter


Came across this picture of myself at my last club hill climb probably 1953 on Brasted Hill, it's the same Gillott frame and handlebars that I ride today.

I wish everybody riding the De Laune Club Hill Climb this year the very best of luck, it was my very first race about 1949 I think.

Best regards

Bert Wason

The 1949 club run was the Diamond Jubilee special from the Windmill Clapham Common and there was about fifty of us out that day.

Hillclimb 1989

Club run to Caterham 1914 the only face I know is the second from the right that of John Giles Senior, you can see the likeness in his son the late John Giles.

Charlie Carlton and Mark Ballamy in full flight in the early fifties (53/54?)...

Dave King looking fast

Dave King, Alan or John Starsmeare

Mark Ballamy in the 1949 club hill climb - Brasted Hill, He was fastest until the time keeper (Chip) could not believe his time and added one minute - he never rode another hill climb!

Dave King (funny hat), John Cole (to the right of Dave King), Alan or John Starsmeare (above John Cole), Steve Valentine (funny socks), ? (bloke standing on sign)

Richard McFarland, Steve White, Steve Valentine, Charlie Carlton & ?

This this was 1994 at Leicester, Junior Sprint medallists. If only Richard St. Pierre had carried on riding! 3rd to James Taylor and Chris Hoy - not a bad day out!

Phil French

60th Anniversary ride - 1949

Mick Peel - his 1st race the Kentish Wheelers Novices 22 March 1959. 1:7:49 for 12th place & 2nd Team

Ken Fuller - uphill Champion - Bec CC Hill Climb 1962

Ken Fuller - downhill Champion - De Laune Cyclo-Cross Biggin Hill 1959

Roy Savery - 1960?

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