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Their long-term business plan needs to cover the costs of 2½ permanent
members of staff, a rent to Dulwich Estate appropriate for a facility of this
size, and all its running costs. This is only really possible with an army of
volunteers to coach sessions, and maintain all the bikes and the facility, plus
a large amount of good will.
From De Laune’s point of view, our priority is to find ways to increase our
membership. I feel that to be seen to be contributing for the benefit of local
cyclists, is an excellent way of putting our Club’s name in front of riders who
may be choosing which club to join. If this works, then great, but at worst we
will be seen to have contributed for the benefit of local cyclists! I’m working
at finding ways with HHVT to give us a visible presence at Herne Hill, including
having our monthly committee and social meetings there, while also aiming
to maximise the worth of our donation.
Another great way to attract members is arranging club runs. I’m delighted
that Roy Savery and Debbie Valentine have volunteered to start taking
regular rides from West Wickham (details hopefully elsewhere in this DLN).
We’re really grateful for this, and hope people in the area can support these.
I hope you can come to the SGM, but either way, I’d like to take this
opportunity to wish you a very successful 2017.

Had the usual yearly email from Ted Mcdonald but could not open attachment

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