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Updated 25 February 2019

So, you are interested in joining our Club!


Members may like to know that it is now possible to join, or to renew your Club membership online via RiderHQ - .

A reminder that all subscriptions became due on 1st January every year. It will of course be possible to continue to do this by post to our membership secretary David Haggart (address see below).

If you are an Honorary Life Member, it will be helpful to click on the link and fill in your details (you won't need to pay) as this helps us to send out emails to the membership.



The Club is affiliated to all of the leading cycling associations and membership fees of the Club are as follows:

Ordinary Full Membership 20.00
Full Time Student 15.00
2nd Claim 15.00
Associate 10.00
Junior (under 18)  Free
Youth (under 16)  Free

 Download an Application form

If you would like to talk things through then contact the Membership Secretary:

Dave Haggart
388 Upper Elmers End Road
Kent BR3 3HG

020 8658 7419
David Haggart

 De Laune Cycling Club  
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