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Updated 13 August 2013

13th August 2013

I would like to thank everyone in the De Laune Cycling Club for all the cards and donations made for Brian Waller. He was so much loved by his family and friends, and life is not the same without him.

Hope to see you all at another event sometime.

Once again, many thanks.


Barbara, Tracy & Susan Waller



Brian Waller 4th July 1935-13th June 2013.

Joined De Laune Cycling Club 16th October 1956.
Time trial Secretary 1961.
General Secretary 1962-1968, 1970, 1975-76.
Chairman 1977-80.
Gold Badge of Honour in 1969.
Life Member (awarded for services to club, as opposed 50 years membership).

I have known Brian for the best part of 55 years, and whilst he has not been an active member for some time, he always made the effort to attend the Newnham Service, and with Barbara, come to our BBQ held in conjunction with the Max Dods’ (Brian’s very good friend) Memorial run, when he felt up to it, for he has had Leukaemia for some years and had his ups and downs.

Brian rode time trials for quite a few years and is best described as a middle marker with, from memory, a 1.02 as his fastest ‘25’. He was consistent and could be relied on as a third counter in Team Races.

I did a couple of short tours with Brian, along with Jack Young, one in the Hawkhurst area and another around Swanage. But one of my best memories is going to a “100” on the Wimborne course (P2), Bournemouth Arrow or Jubilee Wheelers event, which we rode together on several occasions. This time we went in his bubble car, complete with roof rack. Unfortunately, the roof rack was not purpose built for his bubble car, so Brian handed me two ends of a rope which he had attached to either end of the rack, and he told me to watch out for the bikes and if I saw them in my front view to pull the back rope, and vice versa. It wasn’t so bad going, but coming home after riding the “100’ was no fun, I can assure you.

However, the following year I got my own back and we went in my old Ford Prefect. All was well going down, but on the way back there was a noticeable lack of power and when we reached Putney Hill, Brian had to get out, to lighten the load, and push the car to the top. The car, (according to the mechanic), had 2 seized pistons, one good one, and one that went up and down when it felt like it.

Happy Days and Fond Memories.

Malcolm Adams

17 June 2013


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