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Updated 09 December 2019

Christmas Ride in Richmond Park 1 December 2019

A good turn out for the Christmas Club Run. It was supposed to be three laps of Richmond Park giving the riders 21 miles. That was what it was supposed to be, but after one lap some came back in dribs and drabs! One rider had not ridden a bike for 30 years. Yes, you guessed, it was Brian Saxton. He did look good. He has not lost the definition in his legs. The last time I saw a pair of legs like that they were in a nest!

Then we had Georges new hair cut. George what have you done ?

The group found a short cut half way around so in fact they only did one and a half laps at the most, about 7 miles. It was good to see Tony Purser out again. Tony has had a few health problem in the past but now on his new Halfords E-bike there is no stopping him.

The hot red wine and mince pies went down well but I forgot the plastic cups so we had to share the wine in the four vacuum-flask cups. Sorry about that. Another member who was looking better was Brian Dacey.

Afterwards we ended up in the park cafe and talked (again) about old times. My next promotion will be in May and we are going to France for the day. I will give you dates later next year


So where do you keep the battery?

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