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Updated 15 December 2018

Christmas Ride in Richmond Park 2 December 2018


The Christmas club run.


We had our normal Christmas club run around Richmond Park. Guess what? We only had two riders turn up. Mike and Debbie Valentine. The weather was good for this time of the year and it was not cold.


A rider who was in the club many years ago asked if he could join our club run. I had to say yes please. His name was Roger Hardgreave. I think he used to ride on the track. I know that Stax will be looking up his old membership list.


We then had our members turn up but not on bikes. Roy Savery, Tony Purser, Brian Dacey and George who was on his mike. When the run was over it started to spit rain so it was all into the café for coffee. I have now got cold red mulled wine in two thurmos flasks and enough mince pies to last me until next year!


It is good to see old and I mean old faces, again. We talked about what we talked about last year. It starts off with I remember when …




PS what ever happened to Peter Jenn who always turn up in his Christmas outfit?

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