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Updated 29 August 2015

Report from Malcolm Adams 26 October 2007





Report from Malcolm Adams 27 September 2007

Report from Malcolm Adams 27 June 2007


Congratulations to Alan Priddy, who is flying. So far this year he has taken 3 vets records for a 65 year old and there is more to come (he has ridden privates and gone quicker but I’m not telling!)


Below are his fastest qualifying rides:-


10 Miles   21st  June   Bognor Regis C C   Course P901                     23mins 35secs

(22mins 57secs is the current record held by Alan Rowe at age 65)


25 Miles   26 May      Charlotteville C C   Course H25/8                    59mins 01secs

(New record, taking out his own record of 59mins 25secs at age 64)


50 Miles    17th June    East Sussex CA Open  Course G50/89         2hrs 09mins 02secs

(New record, taking out his own record of 2hrs.15mins.09sec at age 64)


100 Miles     24th June  Kent C A (incorp. Vets Nat Champs)   Q100/5 4hrs 41mins 01sec

(New record, taking out Peter Gunnells standard of 4hrs 46mins 02secs at age 63 and his own record of 4hrs 50mins 49secs at age 64))


 Alan’s ‘100’ time gave him Silver Medal in the Nat. Champs. & in the KCA Champs.

(Shay Giles, age 61was winner in both Champs, he did 4hrs 29mins 33sec with a plus 3mins 06sec - faster on age standard than Alan).


So far this year Alan is in double figures in the amount of Vets awards he has picked up and is featuring frequently in the ‘comics’ results.


Those of you time trialists (vet or other) who read this will realise that Alan has now completed the 3 distances for the club BAR and is thus leading the competition.


                 Are there any challengers out there?



Malcolm Adams (BAR Co-ordinator)

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