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Updated 14 September 2022
Time Trials 2022

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Alan Rowe

The latest CTT (Cycling Time Trials) open entry form (word doc) is here...

10 September 2022 OMA 10

Results here...

Photos from Mark Ballamy

OMA 10 J.E.F. Butcher Trophy

Winner:- Chris Gordon-Coker Plus of 2mins 09secs. (On age standard)
Malcolm Adams R/U Plus 0mins 34secs
Jean Bergin Minus 0mins 23secs

Dot & Ken Fuller Trophy

Winner Nathan Palmer
R/U Chris Gordon-Coker
1st Lady Jean Burgin
1st Juvenile Jamie Coulson
1st Junior Harry Owens


Start order time:

Malcolm Adams   31:55
Debbie Percival (Private)   27:32
Harry Owen   26:30
Jamie Coulson   30:19
Chris Gordon-Cocker   25:30
Jean Bergin   30:25
Nathan Palmer   24:55
Huseuin Vaudal (Private)   22:08


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