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Updated 13 September 2021
Time Trials 2021

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11 September 2021 OMA 10

Our last ten of the season, we had a good turnout of riders and helpers. Congratulations to Chris on a very good ride, there was a very strong wind out the turn where Brian Saxton turned them home. Next Steve didnít disappoint with another respectable time, of coarse we canít forget Jean who completed the course in a very good time considering her lack of experience. Harry came up with another excellent ride, but this time he was pipped by new member Eban Haskel-Hulley. A big thank you to all the helpers, incl. Peter Jenn who had a nice time touring up and down the coarse.

  Name  Act Time  
1st Chris Gordon-Coker 24:25  
2nd Steve Carter-Smith 25:44  
3rd Eban Haskel-Hulley 25:59  
4th Harry Owen 27:34  
5th Jean Bergin 31:55  
  Vets Std. Position std. +/-
1st Chris Gordon-Coker 27:44 +3:19
2nd Steve Carter-Smith 28:30 +2:46
1st Jean Bergin 31:55  


14 August 2021 Club 10 mile TT - Isle of Grain


The club ten was held on Saturday 14th, August on the Isle Of Grain. The sun was bright, but there was a very strong head wind out to the turn. We had a full compliment of helpers, Mike Peel, Bill Wright, timekeeping, Kav & Brian Saxton as turn marshalís, Malcolm Adams, Terri Shotton, Mike & Debbie Valentine supporting, thank you all for turning out.

We also had a good field of 7 riders. Two of the riders were under 18yrs. Harry Owen, that is Elaine Owenís 17yrs. old, and Jamie Coulson, who is 14yrs. old, both of whom did very respectable times. Elaine recorded a good time considering the wind and finished very fast as she went past the timekeeper.

The best time of the day was performed by our returning member Nathan Palmer who was a member 15yrs, ago, welcome back Nathan. Steve C. Smith had to be satisfied with 2nd fastest. Terry Deeley trundled round for a training ride, and our private rider Debbie Percival, Kent Vet. Ladies, finished with a decent time.

Afterwards we all retired to the usual pub for good sociable chat.

Alan Rowe

1st Nathan Palmer - 24:00
2nd Steve Carter-Smith - 25:23 - 1st Vet
3rd Harry Owen - 27:06 - 1st Junior
4th Debbie Percival (private - Velo Kent Girls) - 27:38
5th Elaine Owen - 32:16 - 1st Woman
6th Jamie Coulson - 33:19 - 1st Youth
7th Terry Deeley - 39:00 - 2nd Vet

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