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Updated 14 September 2020
Time Trials 2020

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13 September 2020 OMA 10 TT - Isle of Grain

Photos from Alan Rowe

After a 2 hour journey I arrived at the course, erected signs, and made my way to the meeting point. Because of the traffic chaos on the A2 I was not expecting to see anyone, but there were six riders. We had an excellent field of Eight riders finally. They were sent on there way by Val @ 15:15 (approx.)

First away was Bill Wright riding his first time trial for many years, then one of our new members Elaine Owen, both of whom did good rides considering their experience. The weather was fine this time with only a slight breeze (I think, but then I wasn’t riding!).

Dave Rudd & Roger Hargreaves turned out, Terry Deeley had another go as well as Steve Carter-Smith. Chris Gordon–Coker completed the field, we had one private time trial, Darrell Lock of Southborough & district.


  Result   Actual Vets STD +/-
  Bill Wright 30:22 27:22 -3:00
  Elaine Owen 31:12 29:27 -1:45
  Steve C-S 25:43 28:06 +2:23
  Dave Rudd  29:43 29:45 +0:02
  Terry Deeley 39:22 30:29 -8:53
  Chris G-C 24:28 27:28 +3:00
  Darrell Lock 25:53    
  Roger Hargreaves 31:34 29:39 -1:55
  OMA positions      
1 Chris G-C +3:00    
2 Steve C-S +2:23    
3 Dave Rudd +0:02    
4 Elaine Owen -1:45    
5 Roger Hargreaves -1:55    
6 Bill Wright -3:00    
7 Terry Deeley -8:53    


10 August 2020 Club 10 mile TT - Isle of Grain

Our first Time Trial of this year was held on Saturday 15 August on Q10/24 the Isle of Grain course. Because the weather was not looking good, as the organiser, I turned up early to put up the signs and check the course for any hazards.

The first to arrive was Peter Jenn, Terry Deeley & then Steve Carter -Smith. Kav, Brian Saxton, Tony & Val, and a then Lennie & Pat Brown. There were three non-appearances with valid reasons.

Before the start we had a couple of Heavy downpours which left large areas of standing water across the road. Steve was the first man off followed by Terry & Peter. Due to the present environment there was no pusher off - riders had to start with one foot on the ground.

Thank you for all the members who turned out to make it happen on such an awful day! Congratulations to the riders for riding in such conditions and recording excellent times , WELL DONE !!


Timekeeper Val Peachey                       Recorder Tony Peachey







Vets Std



Steve Carter-Smith







Terry Deeley







Peter Jenn







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