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Updated 16 September 2017
Time Trials 2017

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16 September 2017  OMA 10 - Harrietsham

OMA 10 - 16th September 2017

Well, what a morning. After a windy wet week we were blessed with a wind free, sunny but chilly morning. We waited in anticipation, not knowing exactly who was going to turn up to ride, we were not disappointed as we had 7 riders, with Malcolm leading the way.

As usual Mike Peel pushed the riders on their way with Tony timekeeping, assisted by Val. All riders were met by Kav, Stack and Tich at the turn and all returned safely to Tony at the finish.

We were spoilt by the cheering crowds of Terry Deeley, Len and Pat Brown, Trish Rudd and Chris Gordon Coker's wife (sorry I didn't have time to discover the name). Garry Birch also appeared early on, no one had seen him for decades but the banter flying around made it appear he had never been away. Peter Jenn turned up just as everyone was de-camping to the cafe in Lenham village.

To get to the business end of the morning the times were


Actual time

+/- on Vets Standard

Chris Gordon Coker



Steve Carter Smith



David Haggart



Roy Savery



Dave Rudd



Malcolm Adams



Chris Chalet



Fastest on Scratch and the holder of the D&K Fuller 25th Anniversary Trophy
Chris Gordon Coker 25.13
Fastest on Standard and the holder of the Alf Baldwin Cup
Roy Savery - + 3.12

Roy also takes an Age Standard Record for an 81 year old.

When the hard work was over 15 of us descended upon the cafe in the village centre where we were joined by 2 members of the San Fairy Ann CC (Roger Brimstead and Dick Naylor), Len and Pat had snuck round the corner for their breakfast so that they could get served quicker !!!! There was a remark made that we had more helpers than riders this morning which wasn't quite true, 7 riders but just 6 helpers (2 timekeepers, 1 pusher off and 3 turn marshals). This is the very reason why we ask that riders indicate that they would like to ride the club events, otherwise these 6 dedicated helpers would have a wasted journey if nobody at all turned up on spec.

Be warned - Garry Birch has stated he will be riding in 2018 (we have that noted on record), there is an indication Mike Rice will also be back.

All in all a good morning out if you weren't there you missed some great entertainment.

Val the Peach

Sorry no photos of riders. My camera card ran out of space. Other snaps taken with my Iphone. Kav

19 August 2017 Club 10 mile TT

1st Adrian  Bond   24:53
2nd Steve  Carter-Smith   25:21
3rd Mick  Valentine   29:12
4th Debbie  Valentine   31:10
5th Sara  Prisco   31:33
Private TTs      
  Lee Buckman  Ashford Whs. 21:57
  Andy Brandon  Ashford Whs 23:07
  Darren  Michell Sheppey 23:33
  Stewart  King Ashford Whs. 23:38

The morning started well, As I was passing the start on my way to HQs I noticed a 32T lorry right on the start line, then on my arrival at the car park there was a hold up , because the gates were shut. Once we were in I organised the hall caretaker to arrange a table and chair for Alan Constable to sign in the riders and hand out the numbers.

Clare & Ian, Mike Peel and Malcolm went off to the start, and Kav, Brian Saxton & Brian Shambrook left for the turn.

Debbie led off with Husband following behind, then we had 4 private TTs Steve Carter-Smith was the next De Laune interest followed by new member Sara Prisco who di a very respectivel ride and last was her partner Adrian Bond our winner.

Well done to everyone: Clare & Ian Timekeepers
Pushers off:- Mike Peel & Malcolm Adams
Turn Marshals:- Brian Saxton, Brian Shambrook & Kav.

Alan Rowe

A few snaps from Kav


3 June 2017 Open 10 mile TT - Isle of Grain

Please find attached photos of Michael Valentine, Malc Adams and Steve Carter-Smith from our open 10 last Saturday. Unfortunately my camera, an IPhone, ran out of battery for Dave Haggart!


21 May 2017 Fred Peachey Memorial 25

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