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Updated 29 August 2015
Time Trials 2009



Autumn 25 - 13 September 2009

1 Jon Archdeacon 57:04
2 Alan Rowe 1:03:06
3 Peter Jenn 1:03:53
4 Sara Archdeacon 1:09:26
5 Jayne Wadsworth 1:10:10
6 Malc Adams 1:10:51
7 Simon Lowe 1:12:06

Photos from John Kav
I could not photograph Jon or Alan (too fast) due to marshalling problems?

OMA 10 - 15 August 2009

Saturday 15th. August 06:30 was the OMA 10 on Harrietsham, we had a full compliment of marshals and time keepers, Val Peachey & Mark Ballamy (At Short notice), did the time keeping while Brian Saxton, John Kavanagh ,Brian Shambrook & Alan Constable Helped out with the Marshalling and pushing off.

It was a good morning warm and sunny with a slight wind which hindered us a bit on the outward leg. Another good ride by Jon followed up with another from Ian Silvester, yours truly was 3rd, just ahead of Dave I managed to get first place on standard with Roy cruising in second place and Malcolm arriving in third. The morning was rounded off as usual with a hearty breakfast and lots of chat. A very good morning!!

Alan Rowe

Alan Rowe  +7.26
Roy Savery +6.50
Malcolm Adams +4.38
Ian Sivester +3.48
Jon Archdeacon +3.16
Dave Haggart +1.55
Tony Peachey +1.42
Steve Carter-Smith +0.56
Cliff Steele +0.50
Simon Lowe -1.51


Scratch Results

  Name  Time
1 Jon Archdeacon 22:26
2 Ian Sivester 22:54
3 Alan Rowe 24:49
4 Dave Haggart 25:12
5 Steve Carter-Smith 25:16
6 Cliff Steele 25:16
7 Roy Savery 26:22
8 Clare Silvester 27:04
9 Malcolm Adams 27:27
10 Jayne Wadsworth 28:07
11 Sara Archdeacon 28:13
12 Simon Lowe 28:15
13 Tony Peachey 31:20


Some photos from Kav

KCA 12 hour - 9 August 2009

Some photos from Kav

Malcolm (196.486 miles) and Alan (195.737 miles) in the KCA 12 - Winner was Richard Masters, Wigmore CC 257.977

Fred Peachey Open 25 - 2 August 2009 2-08-09


Full results are here...

The overall event was won by Ben Instone in 52.14 he will hold the Fred Peachey Memorial Cup for one year. The fastest Junior was Joe Tucker in 1.2.40 and holds the Johnson Trophy for one year.

The club riders were:

James Lett 59.01

Ian Silvester 59.12

Dave Haggart 1.3.29

Chris Cowlard 1.3.55

Roy Savery 1.5.32 (2nd vet on age standard)

Sarah Archdeacon 1.10.58

Jayne Wadsworth 1.11.34

Jon Archdeacon punctured sob sob

De Laune CC Open 10 - Q10/22 25 July 2009

Another great De Laune promotion! Well done Jon Archdeacon and your team of helpers...

Full results here...

Jon Archdeacon 22.16
Ian Silvester 22.39
Alan Rowe 24.35
Dave Haggart 24.42
Roy Savery 25.08
Brian Dacey 25.09
Chris Cowlard 25.13 New member
Peter Jenn 26.15
Cliff Steel 27.01
Malcolm Adams 27.02
Jane Wadsworth 27.31 First lady
Sarah Archdeacon 27.47 Second lady

Some photos from Kav

San Fairy Ann 10 - 4 July 2009

A few snaps from this mornings 10 with the boys and girls new strip. We had some good times from the guys.


Jon Archdeacon 21.56 PB ( think he was in the first 10?)
Ian Silvester 22.51
Dave Haggart 24.38
Jane Wadsworth 26.46 PB and 3rd lady
Sarah Archdeacon 27.23 PB


CLUB MIDSUMMER 25, 17 June 2009

Well here it is at last! I will soon be booking next years. There is talk going on that riders would sooner have our club events in Kent, rather than in Surrey, even though Surrey is the London South District Council to which the Club belongs. The thought is that it is too far to travel to Crawley and that all riders would sooner ride the Chilham (Q25/8) course even if it is a slower course. It would be nice if the riders would give me some feedback on this so as to get the feeling of the club competitors.

Anyway getting to the midsummer 25, the morning started badly with very heavy rain and thunder whilst driving down to the event. When I arrived none of our club members were there, then after a while Sara Jon arrived followed by Dave Haggart then Jayne, Cliff & Brian Dacey and our president Roy. The rain had stopped but the roads were very wet, so now we had seven riders and no marshals, with just 40mins. to go. I had already arranged for the Crawley Wheelers timekeeper to time our riders as they were off just before us, also they lent us some numbers because we hadnít got ours.

The race got underway without any marshals from our club apart from Brian and myself as I didnít want to ride because of the many roundabouts, 30 approx. in the wet.

Jon turned in another terrific winning ride, a PB of 56:09 well done Jon, Dave was 2nd. In 1:04:07 and our president coming in with a very creditable ride of 1:4:48, Steve Carter-Smith in 1:04:58 & Cliff returned in 1:10:49 both respectful rides considering they are not competing regularly in time trials.

Sadly we had two riders off course Sara and Jayne, which is not surprising due to the many roundabouts and if you are not familiar with the course, but I am hoping that it will not happen again as I have given both Sara & Jayne drawing of the course with mileages printed on them so they can study it and familiarise themselves with it, and anyone else who wants one just ask me and it is yours and you can then ride the last 25 on Sept. 13th.


1 Jon Archdeacon   56:09  
2 Dave Haggart 01:04:07  
3 Roy Savery 01:04:48  
4 Steve Carter-Smith 01:04:58  
5 Cliff Steele 01:10:49  
  Jayne Wadsworth 01:06:10 Off Course
  Sara Archdeacon DNF Off Course

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