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Updated 29 August 2015
Time Trials 2003



Autumn 25 - Holmwood - 14 September 2003

Won by Nick Butler a week after finishing 3rd in the OMA.  A beautiful morning and three new riders... first-timers were/are Triathletes and enjoyed themselves immensely.  They are now looking forward to next season.  Hopefully they will take part in the up-hill and the down-hill that way they will experience the full range of activities!


Nick Butler on his way to first place Dave Haggart ended up 2nd
Terry Deeley was 3rd Rupert Walsh enjoyed his 4th place
'Harry' Corbett was 5th Andy Simpson went the long way round..,


Nick Butler 1:05:18
Dave Haggart 1:07:26
Terry Deeley 1:15:24
Rupert Walsh 1:16:49
'Harry' Corbett 1:25:26
Andy Simpson 1:34:32

OMA '10' - Holmwood - 7 September 2003

Good to see Clif over from his home in France - he came just for the race!

A fine ride by Nick in his first ever Time Trial to pick up 3rd place on time.  Alan wins the OMA on Age Standard by 10 sec from Pete.  Nice morning, nice people, nice breakfast at the Little Chef....


Pos Name Time Age Standard Pos
1 Matt Goodes 22:47 +1:15 6
2 Pete Jenn 24:26 +5:08 2
3 Nick Butler 24:40    
4 David Haggart 25:18 +2:41 4
5 Alan Rowe 25:27 +5:18 1
6 Malc Adams 27:11 +3:34 3
7 Len Double 27:17 +0:03 8
8 Clif Pendleton 28:35 +1:27 5
9 Terry Deeley 28:51 +0:57 7
Sydenham Wheelers
1 Paul Bellamy 24:34    
2 Akastair Rutherford 24:52    
3 Michael Mollineaux 27:36    
4 Bob Loader 28:37    

Manchester, September 2003

Men's Age Group 65 plus years -- Sprint Roland Crayford went one better than his Silver of twenty four hours earlier when he proved to have too much speed for his rivals in the Sprint Competition. Crayford crossed the line ahead of Keith Harrison of the USA, and Britain's Brian Dacey, who collected Silver and Bronze respectively. Harrison, winner of all four titles on the 65-69 age group two years ago, also collected the winners jersey in the 70 plus category.
1. Roland Crayford Great Britain
2. Keith Harrison USA
3. Brian Dacey Great Britain

Men's Age Group 65 plus years -- Individual Pursuit Brian Dacey won Gold in the 200m pursuit taking the lead with first ever 1 lap. In this all British final, Roland Crayford was the fastest qualifier recording 2m 36.902, 0.181 faster than Dacey. Dacey, a member of the London based De Laune club, saved his best till last taking the title with a time of 2m 36.487, finishing 1.690 seconds ahead of the Kent based San Fairy Ann club. Ireland's Richard Keller collected his second Bronze with a time of 2m 48.173 seconds.
1. Brian Dacey Great Britain
2. Roland Crayford Great Britain
3. Richard Keller Ireland

Men's Age Group 65 years plus Points Race Brian Dacey of Great Britain, collected his second gold medal when he out sprinted his rivals to win the 10 kilometre Points Race. Dacey a member of the London based De Laune CC, gained 14 points to finish two points ahead of fell Brit Roland Crayford. Bronze went to Keith Harrison of the USA. Dacey's previous title victory came in the 2,000m Pursuit. His win in the Points completed a hat trick for Dacey as he also collected bronze in the Sprint. Crayford went one better with four medals his others were gold in the Sprint and silvers in the Time Trial and Pursuit. Harrison's bronze was also his fourth but two came in the 70 plus category where he won both the Sprint and Pursuit. The American was also second in the Sprint in this category.
1. Brian Dacey Great Britain
2. Roland Crayford Great Britain
3. Keith Harrison USA


RESULT OF EVENT 1 - 34 NOMADS 'HILLY' 12.2 miles on 5th APRIL 2003 ON COURSE GS/310 IDE HILL

Pos. Name Club Time Points 
1 Mat Lucas Sydenham Whls 33.44 10 
2 Dave Twin Sydenham Whls 34.30 9 
3 Richard Hallett Sydenham Whls 35.22 8 
4 Robert Royston Sydenham Whls 35.33 7 
5 Alastair Rutherford Sydenham Whls 35.55 6 
6 Andy Kay Sydenham Whls 36.25 5 
7 Richard Hill Sydenham Whls 36.54 4 
8 George Knight Sydenham Whls 40.39 3 
9 D Mulford Sydenham Whls 41.28 2 
10 Paddy Bowe 34 Nomads 44.37 1 (Off course?) 
11 Duncan Leith 34 Nomads 45.32 1 
12 Les Clarke 34 Nomads 48.02 1

There were 3 private rides; M Cope 36.33 Ian Soper 39.03 J Dahdi 41.25

Sydenham 74 
Nomads 3

Next Inter Club: Wed 21st May - Catford CC 9 miles QS/30 Green St Green circuit 19.00 hrs.
Contact Dave Marshall on 01689 857402

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