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Club Track Championships 8 September 2012  11-09-12


Once again we shared Herne Hill with Addiscombe CC and what a beautiful day it was.

Fortunately our Hon Secretary decided to give the racing a miss this year and we were able to dispense with St John and the bed we had booked in Casualty at Kings.

Nigel assures me that ripping a shoe off his pedal at 25 mph is not restricted to Herne Hill but happens regularly on his Turbo.

We started with an 8 Lap Warm Up Scratch Race with Addiscombe and the result was as follows:
2nd Jon Archdeacon
5th Juliet Sprake
6th Dave Haggart
7th Alan Rowe
8th Simon Lowe
9th George Lewis

The Sprint Heats result:
Heat 1 Heat 2
1st Simon Jon
2nd Juliet (fastest loser) George
3rd Dave Jayne Wadsworth

The 5 Lap 2250m Pursuit result:
1st Jon 3.14.00
2nd Peter Jenn 3.19.00
3rd Alan 3.25.04
4th George 3.28.86
5th Juliet 3.35.98
6th Simon 3.38.00
7th Dave 3.39.97
8th Jayne 3.42.58

The Sprint Final result:
1st Jon
2nd Simon
3rd Juliet

The 5 Mile Scratch Race result:
1st Jon
2nd Christian Rudolph
3rd Dave
4th Jayne
5th George
6th Juliet

Thanks to Bill for arranging the track bikes; Brian, Nigel, Val and Mike for time keeping; Mike for Lap Board, Derek Gager for starting; the riders and numerous supporters and Addiscombe for booking the track and pushing.

Jeremy White - Track Secretary


Nigel has posted his photos and videos on his Picasa account



Photos from Mark Ballamy



Club Track Championships 1 September 2007  1-09-07

Photos from John Kavanagh







5 Mile Scratch

1 John Archdeacon

2 Brian Dacey

3 David Haggart

4 Christian Rudolph

5 Roy Savery

6 Bill Wright


500m Sprint

1 Brian Dacey

2 John Archdeacon

3 Roy Savery


Handicap Sprint

1 Roy Savery

2 Brian Dacey

3 John Archdeacon

4 Bill Wright

5 David Haggart


6 Lap Pursuit

1 John Archdeacon 3:46.60

2 Brian Dacey 3:49.03

3 David Haggart 4:11.78

4 Roy Savery 4:12.86

5 Christian Rudolph 4:15.11

6 Bill Wright 4:30.80

Herne Hill Omnium Track Meeting - 24/9/2005 29-09-05

Round 4 of 4

'A'Cats Omnium
1st Brett Perez 19 points
2nd Scott Bugden 15 points
3rd John Scripp 10 points
4th Daniel Rudd 10 points
5th Simon Schmidt 8 points
6th Steve Gower 5 points

'B' Cats
1st Brian Randall
2nd Louis Charity
3rd Ben Atkinson
4th Brian Dacey (De Laune)
5th Matt Baker (De Laune)
6th Ian Cook

Herne Hill 100 (Final Heat)
1st Brettt Perez 10 points
2nd Andrew Fenn 9
3rd Vince Halpen 8
4th Stuart Blunt 7
5th Scott Bugden 6
6th Steve Gower 5
7th Simon Warren 4
8th Brian Dacey 3 (De Laune)
9th Louis Charity 2
10th Brian Randall 1

Herne Hill 100(Final Points Position)
Brett Perez 18 points
Steve Gower 14
Andrew Fenn 14
Scott Bugden 13
Bryan Taylor 10
Jason Crombie 10
John Scripp 10
Brian Randall 8
Vince Halpen 8
Eric Martin 8
Philip Riley 8
Simon Warren 8
Stuart Blunt 7
Stewart Jardine 7
James Holland Leader 6
Brian Dacey 5 (De Laune)
Sam Fensterheim 4 (De Laune)
James King 3 (De Laune)
Simon Schmidt 2
Graham Pierce 1
Martin Denton 1

Youth/Novice Omnium
1st Ben Parker
2nd Rufus Newell
3rd Dillon Newall
4th Dean Barnatell

Herne Hill Omnium Track Meeting - 17/9/2005 29-09-05

Round 3 of 4

'A' Cats Omnium
1st John Scripps 17 points
2nd Brett Perez 14 points
3rd Scott Bugden 13 points
4th Andrew Fenn 13 points
5th Simon Lewis 10 points
6th Jason Crombie 8 points

'B'Cats Omnium
1st Brian Randall 16 points
2nd Sam Fensterheim 15 points (De Laune)
3rd Ben Atkinson 14 points
4th Dominic Stobart 14 points
5th Matt Baker 10 points (De Laune)
6th Sean McClelland 5 points

Youth/Ladies/Novice Omnium
1st Glenn Heath 20 points
2nd Kathryn McClelland 18 points
3rd Euan Cattermole 17 points
4th Sophie Terry 14 points

'B'Cats/Novice Hare & Hounds
1st Franco Dell Mura
2nd Brian Randall
3rd Sam Fensterheim (De Laune)
4th Eric Martin
5th Iain Cook
6th Jim Robertson

The Herne Hill Hundred(25Km) 3 race of 4
1st Jason Crombie 10 points
2nd John Scripp 9 points
3rd Brett Perez 8 points
4th Scott Bugden 7 points
5th James Holland Leader 6 points
6th Andrew Fenn 5 points
7th Simon Warren 4 points#
8th Eric Martin 3 points
9th Simon Schmidt 2 points
10th Graham Pierce 1 point

Club Track Championships 11 September 2005  13-09-05

Photos from John Kavanagh & James King

Herne Hill Omnium Track Meeting - 10/9/2005 13-09-05

Round 2 of 4

'A' Cats Omnium
1st Brian Taylor 21 points
2nd Simon Lewis 15 points
3rd Bret Perez 14 points
4th John Scripps 12 points
5th Scott Bugden 9 points
6th Steve Gower 7 points

'B' Cats Omnium
1st Simon Schmidt 22 points
2nd Paul Churchill 16 points
3rd Sam Fensterheim 10 points (De Laune)
4th Brian Randall 8 points
5th Ben Atkinson 6 points
6th Matt Baker 5 points (De Laune)
7th Phil Bendall 5 points

Novice/Youth Omnium
1st Rob Cooper 17 points
2nd Glyn Tully 15 points
3rd Rod Waters 14 points
3rd Beatrice Waters 14 points
5th Ewen Cattermole 13 points
6th Zoe Lewis 11 Points

Youth - Hare & Hounds (additional event)
1st Corine Hall
2nd Alice Godfrey
3rd Sophie Terry
4th Will Knapp
5th Ian Cook
6th Ben Atkins

All Cats - Herne Hill Hundred - round 2
Abandoned due to torrential rain

Herne Hill Omnium Track meeting - 3/9/2005 7-09-05

Round 1 of 4

'A' Cats Omnium
1st Bryan Taylor
2nd Steve Gower
3rd Simon Warren

'B' Cats Omnium
1st Brian Randall
2nd Stewart Jardine
3rd Sam Fensterheim

'A' Cats Devil
1st Bryan Taylor
2nd Steve Gower

'B' Cats Devil
1st Sam Fensterheim
2nd Brian Randall

Herne Hill 100 - Round 1
1st Bryan Taylor - 10pts
2nd Steve Gower - 9pts
3rd Philip Riley - 8pts
4th Stewart Jardine - 7pts
5th Phil Bendall - 6pts
6th Eric Martin - 5pts
7th Sam Fensterheim - 4pts
8th James King - 3pts
9th Brian Dacey - 2pts
10th Martin Denton - 1pts

'A' Cat Primes
Bryan Taylor 3 laps
Steve Gower 1 lap
Philip Riley 1 lap

'B' Cats Primes
Sam Fensterheim 2 laps
Brian Randall 1 lap
Eric Martin 1 lap
Neil Stone 1 lap

Club Track Championships Herne Hill 12 September 2004

A windy but dry day met the Bec, Addiscombe & De Laune for a pleasant afternoon of racing marred only by a crash in the last event (only track rash...)

Good to see we had 4 juniors contest all the events.

Nathan is wearing a white helmet, Edward a red helmet. The two at the back are James and Sam who steadily rolled to the line having lost the leaders.

Junior Sprint 500m
1 Nathan Palmer 15.09
2 Edward Bond  
3 James King  
4 Sam Fensterheim  
Senior Sprint 500m Heat 1
1 Ross Fryer 14.93
2 Bill Wright  
3 Dave Haggart  
Senior Sprint 500m Heat 2
1 Cliff Steele 14.05
2 Jeremy White  
Senior Sprint 500m Final
1 Bill Wright 16.04
2 Cliff Steele  
3 Jeremy White  
5 lap Pursuit
1 Peter Jenn 03:12.6
2 Nathan Palmer 03:22.6
3 Ross Fryer 03:27.7
4 Edward Bond 03:28.8
5 James King 03:28.9
6 Dave Haggart 03:32.1
7 Bill Wright 03:32.9
8 Sam Fensterheim 03:33.7
9 Cliff Steele 03:34.9
5 Mile (17 laps)
1 Bill Wright  
2 Nathan Palmer  
3 Ross Fryer  
4 Sam Fensterheim  


Herne Hill League Final Meeting of 2002

Vets Track Championships at Herne Hill -  1,2,3, June 2002

Brian Dacey Three Gold's & 1 Silver medal.

1st. 500 Mt. Time Trial
1st. Points Race (Max points)
1st. 10k Scratch Race
2nd. Pursuit

PS Brian could only manage 4th in the Sprint !! I did not see the race but I think Roy and Roly put one over him !

In the Vets National Track Championships September 2001

Brian Dacey got the following results in the Masters G Class:

1st 15km points
2nd 500m Time Trial
3rd Sprint
3rd 2000m Pursuit

Pete Jenn in Masters F Class:

3rd Sprint

Results of the Club Track Championships - 4th August 2001

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