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Updated 16 April 2024
1. General Rules
1.1. The Club shall be called the 'De Laune Cycling Club' and will be affiliated to the National Governing Body for Cycling and other such bodies as necessary to fully pursue the aims and objectives of the Club.

1.2. The aims and objectives of the Club will be:

  •  To provide opportunities for and promote participation in cycling and in triathlon to the whole community

  •  To offer coaching and competition opportunities in various cycling disciplines

  •  To ensure a duty of care to all members of the Club

  •  To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone

  •  To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment without discrimination.

  •  To be non-profit-making, but any surpluses made are to be re-invested for the benefit of members

1.3. People wishing to become members must complete an application form and pay the appropriate annual subscription. Members must agree to be bound by the Club’s Rules. Notice of election of membership shall be sent to each candidate who shall thereupon become a member of the Club and be bound by its rules and regulations.

The Club reserves the right to refuse membership or expel from membership, but only for valid and proper reasons, for example conduct likely to bring the Club or the Sport into disrepute. The Committee will notify any person so refused, giving the full reason(s) for the decision . If a person wishes to appeal against this decision, the appeal will be considered by an Appeals Committee of three impartial members appointed for this purpose.

1.4. Annual subscriptions for members for the year to 31st December shall be decided at a General Meeting of the Club for the following classes of membership:

  1. Ordinary Members of 18 years and over.

  2. Ordinary Members of 18 years and over who are full time students.

  3. Junior Ordinary Members of 16 or 17 years of age.

  4. Youth Ordinary Members under 16 years of age.

  5. Associate. This is a social category and is for people who will not be taking part in cycling activities. Associate members may not hold office or have a vote.

  6. 2nd Claim membership. A category to distinguish individuals who have joined De Laune CC because their 1st claim Club is not affiliated to Cycling Time Trials or to an association De Laune CC affiliates to. 2nd claim members may express their views at a meeting however they are not eligible to vote, hold office, or claim any award.

  7. Honorary Life Members.

The ages for the above classes to be taken as at 1st February.
1.5. All subscriptions shall become due on 1st January. Where subscriptions have not been paid by the last day of February the membership shall be deemed to have lapsed, the individual shall no longer be a member of the Club, nor enjoy the privileges of membership. Subscriptions of members joining the Club after 1st September of any year shall be deemed to expire on 31st December of the year following.
Any member with 50 or more years membership of the Club will automatically become an Honorary Life Member.

1.4 Members may be:

i. Youth members (15 or under)
ii. Junior members (16 or 17 years)
iii. Student (full-time students aged 18 or over)
iv. Adult (aged 18 or over)
The ages for the above classes to be taken as at 1st January*.
a) Ordinary Members (First Claim).
b) Second Claim members (see rule 1.6).
c) Associate. A social category for people who will not be taking part in competitive cycling activities. Associate members may express their views at a meeting however they are not eligible to vote or hold office.
d) Honorary Life Members. Members may be appointed to this membership class for long service or for services to the club and are exempt from paying membership subscriptions.

1.5 Annual subscriptions for all categories of membership, for the year to 31st December shall be decided at a General Meeting of the Club.

1.6. If a member resigns or their membership lapses, they are required to return trophies, equipment or other Club property to the Club within seven days. Any outstanding trophy or medal presentations will not be made. Medals previously presented are not required to be returned.

1.7. A committee of five ordinary members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and the affairs of the Club shall be managed by the committee, Officers of the Club and promoters of all the Club's open events. The committee shall meet as often as may be necessary and shall have power to replace any committee member missing three consecutive meetings. A quorum of five shall be necessary to transact business.
 The Officers consist of: Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Captain, Vice-Captain, President and immediate Past-President, Editors of De Laune News and Website, Secretaries for: Road, Off-Road, Track, Time-Trial, Triathlon, Membership, Youth Development, and Property.
1.8. The Club Treasurer shall administer the Club’s General accounts under the direction of the committee and shall have authority to sign all cheques drawn on the Club's general funds and/or other authorities for payment up to and including £75. All other cheques and/or other authorities for payment must be signed by two Club Trustees or one Club Trustee and the Club Treasurer. However, in the event of any individual project or promotion being financed from Club funds, then the maximum amount allowed must not exceed £1,000.00 unless authorised by a general meeting.
 Similarly, the Club Committee shall direct the Club’s General accounts, making proper consideration towards annual budgets.

1.9. Assets held by the Club or its Trustees are not to be distributed by means of a bonus, dividend or other payment severally among the members of the Club. “The Club Memorial Fund Rules” set out elsewhere in this document detail special conditions for particular assets of the Club.

In conjunction with the Club Memorial Fund Rules, upon dissolution of the Club, all of the Clubs Assets (after resolving any liabilities) must be passed to a combination of the organisations outlined below:

  1. other local Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) within the sport of cycling,

  2. the National Governing Body for Cycling

  3. registered charities related to the sport of cycling

The names of the organisations and the proportions of funds for each to be decided at the General Meeting of the Club at which the Club is dissolved.

1.10. The Club’s Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the last day of June of each year. The purpose of this Meeting is to:

  1. Present the Club accounts and balance sheet of the previous year, having been examined by two nominated Club members who are not Officers of the Club.

  2. Elect Club Officers for the forthcoming year.

  3. Nominate two Club members to examine the Club accounts for the following year. These may not be Officers of the Club.

  4. Decide open promotions for the following year and winter activities for the forthcoming season.

  5. Transact such other business as may be necessary.

1.11. A Special General Meeting shall be called within 28 days of the receipt of a written requisition signed by at least 10 ordinary and/or Honorary Life members or by three of the Memorial Trustees, stating the reason for calling such a meeting and which shall be the only business transacted thereat.
1.12. A General Meeting shall have the authority on recommendation from the Club Committee to elect a President and/or Vice Presidents, to grant Honorary Life Membership or award the Club Gold Badge of Honour in recognition of outstanding services. The President shall not hold office for more than 5 consecutive years.
1.13. No rule shall be made, altered or rescinded except at a General Meeting, 14 days notice of which proposed alteration etc. shall have been given to all members of the Club and all members shall be bound by a majority of two thirds of the votes cast by ordinary and honorary members at such meeting.
1.14. The Club colours shall be light blue, brown and white. The design of the racing vest shall incorporate these colours and be approved by the members at a General Meeting. The Club clothing shall bear the name of such sponsors as the Club may have from time to time. The Club badge shall be a shield with ‘De Laune’ diagonally across it.
1.15. The Club Committee shall be arbiters of the interpretation of all rules and shall have power to deal with any matter not provided for in the rules.
2. Rules of Racing
2.1. All Club racing to be governed by the regulations of the appropriate governing body for each discipline.
2.2. Entries for all Club events must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entry fees are to be set by the organiser at a level designed to cover costs.
2.3. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears will not be allowed to enter any Club promotion or to ride for any Club trophy or prize.
2.4. A member owing the Club money may not complete in the name of the Club. Only individuals who are members of a Club affiliated to CTT may ride Club time trials. 2nd claim members are not eligible for Club awards.
2.5. N/A
2.6. Handicap prizes may be awarded in conjunction with all Club road time trials, one prize for six to nine entries, two prizes for ten or eleven entries and three prizes for twelve or more entries.
2.7. Members competing in Club races and time trials shall take not more than one Club medal for any one performance. Members shall be allowed to decide which medal they wish to take.

2.8. Any first claim member who beats an existing Club record whilst riding in a open, semi-open or association event (provided it is ridden in the Club's name), a De Laune CC time trial or De Laune CC private time trial shall be entitled to hold any plaque marking the record until it is again beaten and to receive a bronze medallion suitably engraved. In the case of the hill climb, the race must take place over the Club's official course.

All records made on the road must be claimed with supporting evidence within 60 days in writing to the Time Trial Secretary and subsequently submitted to the Club Committee for approval.

In addition, Veterans will be able to claim Club records based on their age and receive a bronze medallion, suitably engraved, for up to four records. In the event of more than four records being broken, a bronze medallion mounted and suitably engraved to be awarded. No record will be considered if a better time or distance has already been made by a record holder of a greater age. No claim to a record will be considered unless the rider has beaten his Veterans' Time Trial Association age-related 1st Class Standard time if male or her 3rd Class Standard time if female. The first two paragraphs of this rule apply to these age-related records except that the hill climb is not included and record claims should be made by 31st October of the year in which the record was broken.

2.9. Performances in track record attempts equalling or improving upon existing Club records, must be vouched for by at least two authorised Club Timekeepers and/or BCF Timekeepers; independent watches must be used, the slowest time to be claimed.

All claims for records made on the track must be submitted within 28 days to the Track Secretary and subsequently submitted to the Club Committee for approval.
2.10. Any objection to a Club road or track event must be notified within 48 hours of the time of the alleged offence to the event promoter who will report the matter to the next Club committee meeting. The Club committee will then deal with objection in accordance with the relevant current rules of the appropriate governing body.
2.11. A 25 miles time trial shall be held annually for riders who are novices (i.e. they have not won an award for gaining a scratch placing in the first three in any Club or Open time trial). The winner shall hold the Memorial Shield for one year.

2.12. Club Best All-Rounder Competition: To be decided annually by the performances of first-claim members over the following events promoted by the Club: Championship 25 miles time trial, 5 miles track championship, open circuit race, open cyclo-cross event and hill climb.

Points for each event shall be awarded for placings as follows:

1st 6 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 4 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
6th 1 point

Points gained shall be collated from the event result sheets by a competition organiser to be elected annually at the General Meeting. Riders need not ride in every event to qualify. If two or more riders share the same number of points at the end of the competition, their final position in the competition shall be decided by the Club committee, taking into account placings in all events in the competition.

The winner shall be known as the Club Best All-Rounder.

2.13. The Club committee shall decide annually the closing date of the following Club competitions and all claims by first-claim members for times recorded in open, semi-open or association and Club events to be considered must be submitted to the Time Trial Secretary and accompanied by a result sheet. Times recorded in private time trials and all other events on the same day as a Club event (except the hill climb) shall not be eligible. Subject to the foregoing, eligible events shall be open to all riders of the category for which each of the competitions is designated, and shall not be restricted to the class or ability of the competitors, with the exception that men's events with 20% of the entry reserved for women shall be eligible for the Women's Time Trial competition.

  1. The Club Time Trial Competition shall be decided over 25, 50 and 100 miles and an average speed for each qualifier shall be calculated by the Time Trial Secretary upon the basis of the CTT BAR Competition. The rider with the highest average speed over the three distances in any one year shall be known as the Club Time Trial Champion.

  2. The Junior or Youth member showing the best average speed in two 25 mile time trials in any one year shall be known as the Club Junior Time Trial Champion.

  3. The Club Veteran Time Trial Competition for members aged 40 years and over shall be decided over two 10 and two 25 mile events and an average speed for each qualifier shall be calculated by the BAR Co-ordinator on the basis of the Veterans' Time Trials Association BAR competition. The rider with the highest average speed over the distances in any one year shall be known as the Club Veteran Time Trial Champion.

  4. The Youth member showing the best average speed in two 10 mile time trials in any one year shall be known as the Club Youth Time Trial Champion.

  5. The woman member showing the best average speed in one 10 mile and two 25 mile time trials in any one year shall be known as the Club Women's Time Trial Champion.

2.14. The following Club Track Championships shall be held annually and shall be open to first claim members.

  1. The Junior Track Championship shall comprise three events, namely 500 metres sprint, 6 lap individual pursuit and 500 metres standing start time trial.

  2. The Youth Track Championship shall comprise three events, namely l lap sprint, 3 lap individual pursuit and 500 metres standing start time trial.

  3. Entrants for each Championship must ride all three events to qualify and points shall be awarded for each of the three events on a pro rata basis (i.e. for 10 entrants, 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10 place and for 9 entrants 9 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 9th place).
3. Club Memorial Fund Rules 

3.1. Objects

3.1.1 Following the sale of the property at 93 Choumert Road, Peckham, London SE15 the net of the sale proceeds thereof (the “Memorial Clubroom Fund together with the existing Fund”) are held on trust by the Memorial Trustees according to the terms of these Rules. 

3.1.2 The Trustees are to maintain the Fund as a permanent memorial to those members who lost their lives as a result of the two World Wars and where appropriate (as stated below) shall be entitled to distribute part of the annual income for the benefit of the Club and the sport of cycling in general. 

3.2. Trustees

3.2.1 The Fund is held in the names of four members as Memorial Trustees for the Club (referred to as “Trustees” in these Rules) duly elected at a General Meeting of the Club. 

3.2.2 Trustees will be elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve for three years until the day after the third Annual General Meeting after their election. 

3.2.3 Any Trustee dying or retiring in office may be replaced by a member duly elected at a General Meeting of the Club who shall then hold office until the Trustee whom he/she is replacing would have been eligible for re-election according to Rule 3.2.2. 

3.2.4 The Trustees are to hold all investments of whatever kind that are placed under their control, upon trust for the De Laune Cycling Club. 

3.2.5 On recommendation of the Trustees from an independent financial advisor (who is qualified to give advice by his ability in and practical experience relating to the proposed investments), monies in the Fund are to be invested in authorised securities in accordance with the Trustee Act 2000 or any subsequent amendment thereof PROVIDED THAT before making any investment the Trustees must consider the suitability of the kind of investment and the need for diversification in so far it is appropriate to the Fund. The Trustees should at all times conduct the business of the Fund as would a prudent man of business. 

3.2.6 The Trustees will obey the lawful written directions of the Club from time to time with regard to the custody control handling and realising of those investments subject to their obligations as Trustees, and in accordance with these Rules and the Club General Rules. Cheques or other withdrawals from the Fund must be supported by the signatures of three of the Memorial Trustees. 

3.2.7 Upon the Trustees (acting in a bona fide and responsible manner) deciding on the most appropriate investment for the Fund they will inform the Committee of the details of this, together with any supportive and proper advice from an independent financial advisor. They will also inform the Committee from time to time with regard to any developments or changes to the investments. 

3.2.8 The Trustees’ general duty is to invest as far as reasonably possible to balance income yield and capital growth. To this end the Trustees shall protect the capital value of the Fund (so far as reasonably possible) with regard to Rules 3.2.5, 3.2.6 and 3.2.7 but notwithstanding this, the Trustees (acting bona fide and in the best interest of the beneficiaries) are authorised:

  1. To allocate a maximum of seventy-five per cent of any net annual income accruing from the previous year even in the event of a reduction in capital value. However, the Trustees in their sole discretion and upon agreement may reduce this percentage if they consider circumstances dictate.

  2. Subject to 3.2.8 (i) any surplus income may, upon the Trustees receiving a written request from the Committee, be paid to the Committee for them to use for the benefit of the Club.

  3. Such payments may only be used to further the aims and objectives of the Club or other CASCs, and in accordance with the rules concerning CASCs set out in the Finance Act 2002 (and subsequent amendments of that Act). 

3.3. Investment and Administration of Fund

3.3.1 The Fund is to be administered in accordance with the Memorial Clubroom Rules and kept separate from any other monies of the Club.

3.3.2 The Trustees will prepare accounts for approval at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.

3.3.3 The Trustees will appoint accountants to examine the accounts annually. 

3.4. Notice and Alteration of Memorial Clubroom Rules

3.4 No alteration of the Club Memorial Fund Rules may occur without:

  1.  the approval of a three quarters majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting.

  2.  Such a Meeting must be called in accordance with the Club’s General Rules. 

3.5. Notice of Proposed Scheme

3.5 In the event of any proposed scheme involving the capital proportion of the Fund (i.e. more than that allowed to be disbursed to the Committee under rule 3.2.8) :

  1. Such a scheme will require ratification at a subsequent Special General Meeting to be held not earlier than three calendar months from the date of first approval.

  2. This Meeting must be called in accordance with the Club’s General Rules

  3. The scheme must not be in contravention of the rules concerning CASCs set out in the Finance Act 2002 (and subsequent amendments of that Act), nor of any other rules of the Club, in particular rule 1.9.

  4. Members shall be entitled to submit postal votes for any such scheme proposed. 

3.6. Disputes

3.6. Any dispute or difference which may arise as to the meaning or interpretation of the Club Memorial Fund Rules or as to the powers of the Trustees or Committee or the validity of any election or proceedings of the Committee may be referred for determination to a practising solicitor of at least seven years’ standing, whose decision shall be final and binding on all members of the Club.



New Club Rules after SGM held 5 October 2006

Minor amendments to 1.11, 3.1.2 & 3.2.3 from the AGM 8 March 2007

Amendments to 1.8, 2.5, 2.8 & 2.13 from the AGM 1 May 2008

Amendments to 1.4, 1.7, 2.4, 2.5, 2.11, 2.13 from the AGM 24 February 2011

Amendments to 1.3 from the AGM 22 April 2017

Amendments to 1.9 from the AGM 15 April 2024

Date of this publication 15 April 2024

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