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Updated 21 June 2005

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Roy Henry Savery - born on the 30th July 1936 and joined De Laune CC on the 20th February 1964.

Roy was born within the sound of Bow Bells, not that you would ever guess! He has an elder sister and a younger brother and had a good "Inner-London" education. Roy's will to win and dedication to the task, any task except schooling, was gestated during the austerity of those post-war days.

He took to bike riding at a tender age, learning his skills on that hotbed of cycling, Canvey Island. His interest in cycling at that time was touring and by the age of 14 he had toured Devon and Cornwall. The following year he went on to tour Wales.

One of Roy's first jobs was as a Hoffman Presser for Willerbys the tailors, and one of his work colleagues was a member of the Shaftsbury Cycling Club. He soon coerced Roy into helping at a feed station in a 24-hour race. Roy was bitten and soon joined the Shaftsbury and started time-trialing.

By 1960 he wanted to try road racing and changed clubs to the CCI (Cycling Club Islington) where he proved himself a very capable rider. Roy showed such promise that he decided to work for himself so that he could train and race as he pleased.

It was at this period of his life that be became involved with the concept of Time Management, something that he has carried on into all of his activities. He believes that you can do anything, and fit anything in, if you want too - and he did and still does. I think the whole system is based on getting up earlier and earlier!

He raced at a high level and his best "25" was 56:59 (the comp record was 55:11 at that time). 1959 saw him winning the London Centre Pursuit and representing England in the Good Friday "England v Rest of the World" track event.

During 1961 he lived and raced, for three months, in Lorient, France. During this time he was very successful and won enough prize money to pay all his expenses. After he retired at the top, at the age of 27, he gave away (to his father no less) his window cleaning business and, in 1967, joined the world of Life Insurance sales, something that I expect you all knew! He quickly made the grade aided by his likeable nature, his "never-give-up" attitude and a thick skin.

In those days the Life business seemed to be full of active or ex cyclists, including, just from our Club, John Kavanagh, John Geoghegan and Malc Adams. Roy eventually started up on his own and until recently put in the hours (well, he needed the money?) - he has now retired from the business.

His selling ability (and a lot of De Laune members contributions!) allowed him to join the "Million Dollar Round Table" - you have to achieve a mega amount of new business to join - in fact only the top 3% salespeople in the whole world qualify. His continued success has meant that he is now a Life Member and annually attends their conferences in America. He often participates on committees and was a speaker at their 1993 annual meeting in Boston.

Over the years his business evolved and these days he sees his mission as a "Financial Coach", helping his clients to get more out of life, not just financial wealth. He has addressed audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, USA as well as the UK on this subject.

Roy had always taken part in the Cyclists' running race's that used to take place in November and December each year, and for many years was often in the winning team. In 1973 he, along with Mike Peel, joined Blackheath Harriers (they were in turn followed by Brian Saxton and John Kavanagh). He acquitted himself very well and when he turned 40 he was their Veterans Champion twice, and, was in fact, their leading veteran for several years.

In the marathon boom he again dedicated his time to training and achieved the fine time of 2:40:51 in the 1986 London Marathon, at the age of 49. Unfortunately a bad skiing accident, where he was hit from behind, left him with a badly damaged knee. This, of course, effected his running and cycling and he has never quite got back to his former glory.

These days he spends more time on his other interests which include the Toastmasters International Club (public speaking not red coats and a gavel!), an organisation that helps people to improve and develop their speaking skills. He founded a branch called the Bromley Speakers Club, which meets on the first and third Thursday each month and I am sure he will give you full details if you only pluck up the courage to ask. His other main interest is his Church activities - he sometimes preaches at the Westerham Hill Baptist Church.

Roy is now using his skills to teach young children, within local schools and his church, and to nourish them in the philosophy of "Successful Living" - how to achieve whatever you want in life. Again, I am sure he would be pleased to elucidate. Roy is also involved with the CBMC (Christian Business Men Committee) and is currently the President of the Bromley branch. They meet on the first Thursday each month, at the Bromley Court Hotel - you can get a free lunch if you mention Roy's name.

Roy is married to Gina (his first and only wife, he'll tell you) and they have one very bright son, James, who is is now a Doctor of Chemical Engineering. 

Roy still jogs (he hates that word) when his knees will let him and ski's annually. He is still helping at various events and enjoys "pushing-off" as it gives him time to chat to the competitors.  He is now racing again and is in serious training for the World Vets in 2006 when he will be in the over 70's (just).  He has already set several club age-related records and is promising more... watch this space!

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