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MTB champs took place on the 10th November 2002 at Crowthorne Wood, Bracknell Road, Crowthorne, Berkshire

Northern Area Mountain Bike Championships 2002 Hamsterley Forest, Co Durham - 20 October 2002

The Grand Raid Cristalp - 131kms Of Heaven And Hell

The Kona 100 MTB Endurance Race Builth wells, Mid-Wales  7/07/02

Red Bull 24 hour MTB 22/23 June 2002

Results of National Points Series XC3 , Checkendon, Reading, 9/06/02

Results of National Points Series XC2 - 12/05/02, Catton Hall, Leicestershire & others

Results of National Points Series XC1 - Thetford 7/04/02

The 2nd Annual Schwinn 100, Builth Wells, Mid-Wales race report

Open London C-C Championship 18th Nov 2001

Race report on the Red Bull 24 Hour MTB - 23/24 June 2001

MTB champs took place on the 10th November 2002 at Crowthorne Wood, Bracknell Road, Crowthorne, Berkshire. 

The podium: James L 1st (5th Overall),
Ross 2nd (13th Overall), 
James P 3rd (18th Overall)
James L bathing in glory,

James P classic excuse 'Where was the tarmac?'
We have at least one De Laune fan

Northern Area Mountain Bike Championships 2002 Hamsterley Forest, Co Durham 6-11-02

Although there was no Northern Area Series (equivalent to the SAMS or ERMA down South) this year, an Area Championships was arranged on the 20th October as a stand-alone race. I'd never been to Hamsterley Forest before although it has been used as an NPS venue in the past. The 5-mile course was a mix of fire road climbs and beautiful flowing single-track descents threading through the pine forests. It reminded me quite strongly of Thetford Forest and also of the Surrey Hills course at Bagshot. There was about 800ft of climbing per lap, split into 3 main climbs on fire road and a little bit of single-track climbing. The circuit was reasonably hard-packed probably because of the sub-zero temperatures at night putting a frost on everything.

The turnout for the Expert race was reasonable, about a dozen people braving the bitter temperatures. At the gun, one rider shot off the front never to be seen again as the course climbed half a mile up some fire road before turning a sharp left into some twisty single-track through the bracken. I worked with another rider, the two of us swapping between 2nd and 3rd place as we tried to close down the leader. It soon became apparent that we didn't stand a chance of catching up with him and the two of us worked together for half the race. On the third lap, my competitor had obviously assessed my weak points and he attacked on a rooty descent through the trees, leaving me trailing in his wake and bouncing over the 8-inch high roots. I was alone for a while although I caught glimpses of people through the trees, usually Sport category riders (who'd started a minute ahead of us). At the start of the last lap, the 4th placed Expert rider caught up with me and attacked almost immediately. The cold was starting to affect me by this point and I held him for as long as possible before giving up to the inevitable and letting him ride off in front. I rode the final technical descent, splashed through the cold river at the bottom and then there was just one brief climb and descent to the finish. I crossed the line in 5th place after 1hr50 of racing.

Next year there are plans for a full series of races, which I will be concentrating on.
James Lyon

The MTB National Points Series Overview 28-08-02

The last race in the MTB National Points Series took place at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire on 11th August and James Lyon and myself made the journey to take part. To get an overall series position you have to start all four races in the series with your best three results to count. The course was fairly difficult due to the previous week or so of heavy rain but after a quick change of tyres I was ready for the off. I had a relatively good start and raced a cautious race until the last lap when I attacked to finish 19th on the day. This was enough to give me an overall position of 12th in the Masters category for the season which is encouraging for my first full season racing in the National Points Series and the aim next year has to be for a top ten position overall. James Lyon suffered a mid-race loss in form and retired but with three results in the bag all ready he ended up with a solid series position of 24th in the Expert category.
Ross Fryer

Nick Sutcliffe...playing in the woods

Ross, Beastway 2001

Nick Kinsey 3rd in the National Vets Cyclo-Cross.

James and Ross battle it out at Beastway

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