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Updated 08 October 2023
26 August 2023

Hi Jeremy and fellow committee members

As I was unable to attend the AGM and for some reason I had not read the subsequent minutes, your e mail has come as a complete surprise.

I am greatly honoured that the Club has deemed me worthy to receive the Club's Gold Badge of Honour.

Everything I have done over the years has given me great pleasure, I only wish I could have done more in the early years. The 65 years have flown by and I have some wonderful memories of the times gone by, and have made so many lifetime friendships.

My only wish is that that our great Club will once again enjoy the success it had in the past. I hope I will be able to support the club in the best way I can for as long as I can.

For 55 years I have had the support of Lyn, who at times can be best described as a cycling widow, so she deserves a share in this honour.

Thank you all for bestowing this award upon me

Best Wishes to all.


Dear Malcolm,

I am sorry that you were unable to join us at the Committee Meeting on Zoom, we saw that you were trying to.

You will have seen from the AGM minutes that it was agreed that you should be awarded the Gold Badge of Honour for your services to and your support of the Club since 1958.

Steve has spoken to Terry Deeley who will make one once he returns from his cruise and we then need to find a suitable occasion to make the presentation.

Congratulations Malcolm you really deserve it.

Kind regards,
Hon Sec

Life & Times of Tony Peachey
29 August 1936 – 8 June 2022

 Tony was born on 29th August 1936 – the only son of Fred and Di Peachey in St. James' Hospital, Ousleley Road, Balham. He was taken home to 49 Rosenau Road Battersea. By May 1940 the family had relocated to the long standing home of 64a Battersea Rise, Battersea, London.

During the war years Tony and his family were evacuated to Llandaff, South Wales where Tony attended the local school from 1943-1945, he struggled with academic subjects mainly because the teaching was mainly in Welsh, however he majored in drawing and artistic subjects, which set him in good stead later in life. On return to London in late 1945 he initially attended Belleville Road School and later Honeywell Road School, continuing his education at Wandsworth Technical College to embark on ONC qualifications (Mechanical Engineering). HNC studies followed in Civil and Structural Engineering. After many years of further study he finally qualified as a Chartered Structural Engineer in 1997. To finish off his education he successfully completed a degree with the Open University in Geology in 1981. 

Apart from a successful academic life he had always been encouraged by his parents - Fred and Di to take time out for sporting activities. The first sport was boxing. Fred and his older brother both attended a local boxing club and took Tony along, however Tony was never a burly individual and suffered many bloody noses and soon looked for an alternative outlet, this turned out to be competitive swimming. Tony excelled here and was taken all over the country competing for Latchmere Swimming Club and nationally. This activity lasted until 1952 when he became bored of the non changing scenery of indoor swimming pools and the grand outdoors beckoned. Fred suggested cycling, it sounded good and saw Tony selling his electric train set to purchase his first bike from Russ Cycles in Battersea. He intended to join the Balham CC but during a ride to their clubroom he punctured, being a naive 16 year old, he was struggling to sort the bike when a stalwart of the De Laune – Ken Hill – came by, he helped Tony back on the road and convinced him to join the De Laune CC.  

Over the years he was proud to clock up many club records and was always quite surprised to be still holding the club records for 50, 100 and 12 hours to date. He remains a member to this day. 

As a youngster he tried everything from touring, marshalling, helping out at events, riding a few time trials and road races. In his early years he preferred road racing but rode the club time time trials and also Herne Hill track. In fact he enjoyed everything about club life, generally finding his feet in the big wide world. He was not shy in taking on numerous official roles within the club of Road Racing, Time Trial Secretary, open event promoter, DLN editor, General Secretary official time keeper.  

1958 saw him called to undertake National Service, albeit rather late. He had been delayed as a consequence of ongoing educational studies, however he was accepted into the RAF and instructed by the recruitment officer not to apply for any long term trade training as they wanted him in the RAF cycling team. In effect after the initial 'square bashing' training, the rest of his 18 months of his 2 year service he was a poorly paid professional road racing cyclist.  

It was while racing for the RAF in 1960 on the Isle of Man that he met his future wife Val. Romance blossomed and on 1st September 1962 they were married in Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church in Deptford. After honeymooning in Jersey they settled in a flat in Stockwell until they moved into their first house on 15th March 1965. They both started working locally for Reed Paper Group, Val in the Technical Library as a researcher and Tony in Reed Engineering as a Civil Engineer.  

For the next few years cycling took a back seat whilst settling into a new home, Tony was still studying for higher qualifications. Rather than do nothing he had a spell of car rallying with a close friend, again quite successful but after a time this became a little expensive. Cycling called again and in 1969 Tony planned a time trialling mission to become a high ranked individual, nationally. It was a difficult task with a full time job, and serious studying which meant travelling to London colleges but he was determined. The 1969 comeback unfortunately was abandoned due to the sudden death of his father Fred – the planned return slipped to 1970, but again he was thwarted by sustaining a broken leg from a fall down the stairs – 1971 beckoned, after a few months of mediocre races the big year came in 1972.  

Daughter Claire joined the family on 2nd December 1972 and slotted into the family unit without any hitches. Every weekend was spent racing somewhere in the UK from the west country to Yorkshire. He tackled all distances from 10 miles to 24 hours, experiencing success at every distance. Despite his dedication and back up from home, he never made the 'feted top 12 individuals' in the country, finishing 13th twice !! He was extremely proud of the fact that Claire attained National Champion status in 1990 having supported her all along the way.  

His own racing career started to tail off in 2010 when age and health issues seem to catch up with him, undergoing a heart by pass in 2012, then problems with his sight and diagnosis of non invasive bladder cancer. His wife Val has supported him what ever his interests or administrative posts he undertook, they worked as a team along the way. 

Tony not only competed in cycling time trials he also gave his time to the administration of the sport both locally and nationally, spending over 50 years on the local CTT District Committee, 15 of those years as the General Secretary. In recognition of his work and dedication to cycling he was awarded a Gold Badge of Honour by the CTT National Committee when he retired in 2018. A truly prized possession, one that he treasured more than all the competition medals and records he accumulated along the way.

Val, Claire & Ian 12-06-22


So sad to report that Terry Deeley's wife Carole died last Sunday (27 March 2022)

Terry writes 'Who wouldn’t have fallen for this young lady & want to spend sixty years with her. (Not enough) I’m devastated that I couldn’t do the last few years of our joint plans for doing the things we couldn’t afford before. Before she died she made me promise to do some of the things we planned. Not sure I can do those things without her. Main interest now is to give her a good sent off with lots of noise and laughter. I forgot!!! Colourful clothes only because her last wish was for all to help her go out with a bang.

This photo taken in my Soho workshop in 1963 at the beginning of the swinging sixties is my favourite. Carole worked in Regent St. and sometimes would trot over to my workshop for lunch. Unless newly opened Carnaby St. dragged her in. She was caught coming out of my workshop in Dean St. Soho by a work colleague. It was a long time before she could live down the innuendo’s in her office’s.' 29-03-22


Adam Glasser went down well... click on image to download readable version.


Obit to Dennis Tarr  -  21st May 1938 to 26th Dec 2010



On behalf of our family, Tibb, Anita, Jenny and myself we would like to thank the De Laune members for their beautiful rosette and flowers which were sent to dad's funeral.

Dad had a nice send off and it was great to see the De Laune members that turned out from his beloved club. I had a good chat with Malcolm Adams and Alan Rowe.

We were pleased to see Bill Miles, Beryl Williams, Eddie Starsmere, Don and Beryl White, Bert Collins, Geoff Sinnet, Brian Saxon, Brian Shambrook and John Kavanagh we would like to thank them all for coming.

I have attached some photos.

Best regards Nick.



Les Pyne died on Sunday, 9 May, aged 89. Les joined the club in April 1938 and was one of our oldest members. The funeral for Les was held on Friday 28 May 2010.

Les had a good send off with of course all his family right down to great Grand children. The Club was represented by 12 members including Bill Miles, Don & Beryl White, Geoff Sinnet, Brian Shambrook, John Kavanagh, Bert Collins, Brian Saxton, Eddie Starsmere, Alan Rowe, and naturally our president Malcolm Adams. Malcolm & I went back to the house where Tibbs had prepared a wonderful spread for everyone, and we were all very convivial reminiscing. we then said our farewells and left at 7:00pm.

Alan Rowe


A 'thank you' letter I received from Demelza House.

Total raised, as you will see, was £507.50 (which equates to £42.29p per hour or £2.58 a mile).

Malc Adams

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