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Updated 14 May 2019


The French Club Run.  Saturday 11 May 2019



The French Club Run.

Our combined Easy Riders; Wednesday Wobblers and De Laune O.A.P’s, totalled 18 riders. We started with 14 on the P&O ferry and finished at our first coffee stop with 18!

Warning: - if you are riding on to the boat with your bike go to the first car in the queue and you will be allowed to go on first. On the return, for safety reasons, you will be last off.

Gary and Mike arrived on bikes when the cars were being loaded but they would not let them load, so they had to board the next boat.

We arrived at the little bar in the square in Guines, for our first coffee or beer stop. Half an hour later in came Gary and Mike who had ridden bit and bit to catch up. More beers!

We then made our way through the country lanes to La Fregate Restaurant by the lake in Ardres. The weather could not have been better.

The food was up to a good French standard and plenty of it. I will not mention any names but someone ordered beef burger and chips! Plenty of good beer was ordered and I noticed the rich people down the bottom of the table were ordering bottles of wine. Again I will not mention names.

On the way down, we split the riders in to two groups with Heather looking after the second group. Somehow we joined up on a roundabout and it looked like a large daisy chain going around. The French car drivers did not toot the group, bless them. I did notice a few smiles.

On the way back on my Gbike I had a problem, well, I call it a learning curve! The battery ran out or so I thought. With no power and a heavy bike I could not hold the group. I saw them disappearing up the road. I then found out that the power cable had come out after a lumpy road. Fixed, and like a rocket, I shot up the road only to find the group had stopped to see Geoff pumping up the tyre on his electric bike. It would seem that Electric bikes are prone to punctures. I have had two. “Geoff, it is a learning curve”  We all arrived home safely.



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