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Updated 13 May 2018


The French Club Run.  Saturday 12 May 2018



We gathered at the Dover docks for our annual club run to France with the San Fairy Ann. The topic of conversation was is it going to rain?

We arrived in Calais and no rain. Fingers crossed. By the time we found parking spaces for those who took cars we made our way out into the countryside following the river Guines for seven miles to the small town of Guines. We stopped for refreshments at the local bar in the square. We have used this bar many times. It has a large Alsatian dog at the door. It loves cyclists but barks at the locals!

Before we made ourselves too comfortable in the bar, we had to move on. Who should turn up but Peter Jenn. No matter where we go he just turns up!

We made our way to Ardres with open country with smooth roads with no potholes. On our way we went through small hamlets with well-tended gardens. I noticed that the French cars gave us plenty of room to overtake. We are all at the retirement age and we do wobble a bit. For a small frisson we walked over a foot bridge which led us to La Fregate Restaurant. We used this restaurant last year with new owners who could not speak English and we had problems with the bills. No problems this year as they can now speak English.

Good food was served. I did notice a few bottles of wine being drunk. After the traditional group photo was taken we made our way back to Calais (and still no rain) A nice steady ride back with the aid of two ladies with electric bikes. Total mileage was 26 miles. The only steep hill was the ramp up to the boat.

On the boat we all agreed it was a good day out. As the leader I was embarrassingly given a round of applause. Little did they know I went the wrong way a few times!



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