Updated 08 November 2018

Club nights/committee meetings are normally on second Monday of the month - BUT see home page... 


Diary Social/Club for 2018
Saturday 12 May 2018 The French day Club run. Lunch in Ardres
Saturday 27 October 2018 Club Pub lunch and prize presentation. Three Horseshoes, Knockholt
Sunday 18 November 2018 Newnham Remembrance Service 10:30
Sunday 2 December 2018 Richmond Park Christmas Social Ride 10:00


Diary of Club & Inter-Club Events for 2019
Sunday 19 May 2019 Fred Peachey 25/Novice 25 Q25/8 Chilham 07:00
Saturday 15 June 2019 Open '10' TT Q10/24 Grain 15:00
Sunday 7 July 2019 Mid Summer 25/ (Gravesend CC Open Event) Q25/8 Chilham ?
Sunday 14 July  2019 Alf Baldwin 50 (VTTA 50) Q50/11   ?
Saturday 7 August 2019 Club 10 Q10/24 Isle of Grain 15:00
Saturday 14 September 2019 OMA 10 Q10/24 isle of Grain 15:00

NOTE: We are now affiliated to the SE division of CTT not London south 13-10-09

Please note: Open Events must be entered on CTT forms and, usually, two weeks before the event.

The entry fees to pure club events are £2 per ride. All the other club trophy events are part of an open promotion and they will carry their own entry fee.

As a good Club member you are expected to attend all club events – please…..

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