Catford & Bec 2008

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Updated 22 October 2006

The Catford CC & the Bec CC Hill climbs took place on 12 October 2008

The weather was wonderful, for the second year running -  as usual, a good turn out supported our riders.

The Bec CC Hill Climb once again had a first prize of 1000!

Photos from Kav

Catford CC
Tony Miller 2.12.3 17th
Tony (Look at the little smiling face of our President)
Jon Archdeacon 2.37.5 49th
Jon Can you spot Cecil B De Mills taking movies at the side? It looked like he dropped his trousers!

The winner was Jody Crawford from the Artic Prem RC in 1.54.00

Bec CC

Sorry, no times yet

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