Catford & Bec 2007

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Updated 22 October 2006

The Catford CC & the Bec CC Hill climbs took place on 21 October 2007

Unlike last year the weather was wonderful, and as usual, a good turn out supported our riders.

The Bec CC Hill Climb once again had a first prize of 1000!

Photos from Kav - sorry, Jayne too late to the Bec and missed you!

Catford CC
Matt 2:08
James 2:29.6
Jon 2:23.3
Winner 1:48.2 Dan Fleeman

Bec CC
Matt 2:05.19
James 2:14.41
Jon 2:21.47
Jane 3:07.13
Winner 1:43.02 Dan Fleeman. Course and event record.


Matt in the Bec

Jon in the Bec

James, also in the Bec

Matt in the Catford

The old people, with their Nurse, waiting to be picked up and taken back to the home...

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