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Updated 23 October 2005

The Catford CC & the Bec CC Hill climbs took place on 23 October 2005

A good turn out supported our teams, the weather was very pleasant and our boys 'dun well'

The Catford started at 11:00 and our first rider was James King:

He was followed by John O'Brien...

...and in turn by Matt Goodes

For any new members (or visitors) this is the correct way to wear a hat...

'Daisy' did a roaring trade as always...


The Bec event starts at 14:00 and Adam Glasser was our first rider followed by James King

John O' was next and Matt our fourth rider.


Off number 50 was Bradley Wiggins and guess what? All our riders, except Adam, beat him!!!!

Mat Goodes 2.11.58
James King 2.14.76
John O'Brien 2.15.12
Adam Glasser 2.57.80

Winner Jody Crawthorth Evans Cycles 1.47.53
Team Evans Cycles

Bradley took time out to present our own Hill Climb Trophy to John O'Brien, who won the event for the first time.

Three photos from Kav, before his battery went flat!

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