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Updated 6 November 2004

5 November 2004 - Belgium Night

For the second year running Cliff & Carol prepared another superb feast at the Blackheath Harriers HQ which was served by Titch Shambrook, Mike Peel, Brian Saxton & John Kavanagh - 65 members and friends had another really great night.

Our Pres Guests... Members...
and more...    
Philip Lane played again The youngsters came... and the oldies...
First there were 3... ... then there were 4... ...and now they are 5!
Pete, Roy & Maureen Mary Terry
? & Mrs Corbett Nathan James, Nathan & Sam
Bill Wright Matt Goodes Mack Adam
Roy Savery Malc Adams reading his ode to... Alan Rowe
The Tri boys and there new outfits!  
Brian Dacey with special club top and with his Gold Badge of office Peter Jenn with his special top
Carol, Cliff & Cassia The Pres with his Gold Badge of Office Just a another one...

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