Hill Climb 2002

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Updated 6 October 2002
Hill Climb 2002



The Club Hill Climb took place on Titsey Hill, Sunday 6 October 2002

1st Ben Neville  2.12.10
2nd John O'Brien   2.15.05
3rd Ross Fryer 2.30.44
4th Cliff Steele 2.58.00
5th Jane Wadsworth 4.36.19
6th Howard Coulson  9.13.19  ( 5 min late Start )


Ben, this years Champ Can I go off first, please...
John O' with the Bec in mind... We all used to wear these in the 60's...
Ross, straight as a die... Cliff using all of the road...
New member Jane - didn't 
want a second attempt
Great weather, good company...
Howard, also new - rode 
the first and last bits...
The young and the young in heart...


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