Hill Climb 2001

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Updated 8 November 2001
Hill Climb 2001

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Matt Goodes


Matt Goodes wins both the Catford & Bec Hill Climbs!  Ben Neville takes 2nd in the Bec... De Laune win both Team awards - well done - Results here 19-10-01

Mummy loves you!!
Matt on his way... John O' chasing hard
James 'Road Bike' Lyons Ben 'I'll be 2nd this afternoon!' Neville

Catford CC Hill Climb 14 October 2001

1 Matt Goodes 1:55.3
6 Ben Neville 2:08.0
John O'Brien 2:19.3

1st Team De Laune CC

Bec CC Hill Climb

1 Matt Goodes 1:56.8
2 Ben Neville 2:02.7
John O'Brien 2:16.2

1st Team De Laune CC

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