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Updated 22 October  2006

The Catford CC & the Bec CC Hill climbs took place on 19 October 2003

As usual the Catford Hill Climb and the Bec Hill Climb were on the same day, this year the 19 October 2003.  The Catford starts at 11:00 and 32 minutes later Matt Goodes was 2nd to Robert English.  Three hours later at Titsey Hill the same thing happened, Matt was second and Robert first - and as the Bec only counted two to a team, Matt & John O' won that too... for the second year running!

Catford Result
1st Robert English Southport CC 1:58.0
2nd Matt Goodes    2:01.4
John O'Brien   2:16.1

Bec Result
1st Robert English Southport CC 1:58.39
2nd Matt Goodes    2:03.68
? John O'Brien   2:16.31

David Laws on the way down... is JohnO'Brein The winner on his way up
David trying... trying and still trying


John O' pulls hard as Pete claps him on
Stax encouraging Matt Roy, Titch & Alan shout him on
All over - 3 hours to go John O cools down
Robert English wins again Karl Stugnell
Matt Goodes 2nd again Same time as this morning for John O


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