Catford & Bec 2002

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Updated 20 October  2002

The Catford CC & the Bec CC Hill climbs took place on 20 October 2002

As usual the Catford Hill Climb and the Bec Hill Climb were on the same day, this year the 20 October 2002.  The Catford starts at 11:00 and by half past Matt Goodes was declared the clear winner.  Three hours later at Titsey Hill the same thing happened - and as the Bec only counted two to a team, Matt & John O' won that too...


Catford Result
1st Matt Goodes    2.03.03
2nd Justin Hoy      2.13.08
6th John O'Brien   2.21.08

Bec Result
1st Matt Goodes    2.05.86
2nd Justin Hoy      2.12.05
?  John O'Brien     2.22.78 


John O' warming up... Matt Warming up...
John O' was our first up... ...and Matt was last man off
John O' with the Pres  De Laune through & through...
Matt with just yards to go to his 3rd Catford win in a row.
Poor Alan Rowe - John's behind you!
In the Bec Hill Climb 3 hours later Last man again & 1st again!

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